First Aid Trucks Reach Gaza Pier, Confirms US

First Aid Trucks Reach Gaza Pier, Confirms US

The US military has confirmed that the first aid shipment via a temporary pier off Gaza has reached the shore.

US Central Command announced on X that aid trucks began moving ashore at about 09:00 local time (07:00 BST).

“This is an ongoing, multinational effort to deliver additional aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza via a maritime corridor that is entirely humanitarian in nature,” the post stated, noting that no US troops went ashore.

However, the UN has cautioned that the maritime corridor is not a substitute for land routes, which are considered the quickest and most effective way of delivering aid.

In the coming days, approximately 500 tonnes of aid is expected to enter Gaza, according to US Central Command.

British personnel, in collaboration with their US counterparts, have been working aboard the RFA Cardigan Bay to construct and operate the pier, as confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

“The newly operational pier off the coast of Gaza will enable truckloads of humanitarian aid to reach Palestinians in dire need,” stated Defense Secretary Grant Shipps.

The US initiated the construction of the floating base several weeks ago to facilitate the delivery of aid to Gaza amid Israel’s ongoing military campaign against Hamas.

On Wednesday, hundreds of tonnes of aid arrived in Cyprus, where it was screened before being loaded onto commercial ships destined for the pier.

Smaller US military vessels, capable of transporting between five and 15 lorries of aid, will then ferry the supplies to the floating pier, which extends several hundred meters and is anchored to the Gaza beach.

The lorries will traverse the pier to offload the aid at a marshaling yard on the beach.

Authorities have stated that the United Nations primarily through the World Food Programmer will oversee the distribution of the aid.

Aid deliveries to Gaza have slowed since Israeli forces took control of the Rafah crossing last week. Earlier this month, Israel temporarily closed the key Kerem Shalom crossing, citing the deaths of four soldiers in a Hamas rocket attack near the area. Delivering aid via land routes is risky, with convoys sometimes looted by gangs or overwhelmed by desperate civilians. In April, seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli drone strike.

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